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Singapore consists of one main island and 63 other small islands. It is a small country in Asia and a fine example of how one city is actually a country. Singapore usually strikes first-time visitors with its vibrant mix of Malaysian, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European influences, which are observed in the way of life, architecture, culture and arts of Singapore. In this Economic Tiger of Asia skyscrapers rise up next to ancient religious temples and a perfect transport system connects pulsating urban zones and natural parks. Singapore is the financial center point of Asia, housing one of the largest stock exchanges, busiest ports and oil refineries in the world. The exotic cuisine and great shopping opportunities are also one of the attractions of this city-country. Singapore offers plenty of boutique and luxury hotels and resorts as well as apartment hotels and apartment complexes, the latter being suitable for long-term rent. Of course there are mid-class and low-range hotels in Singapore as well as guest houses, backpackers and youth hostels for visitors with limited budget.
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