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Serbia is a picturesque country in the north-west of the Balkan Peninsula. Till recently its strategic location has been one of the main reasons for visiting Serbia but the country is now re-discovered as an attractive tourist destination in Europe. Serbia is perfect for skiing, hiking, cycling, fishing, rafting, climbing, bird watching, etc. The country also has large rivers and stunning river canyons, karst caves and crystal clear lakes. This natural beauty is protected in five national parks - Djerdap, Tara, Kopaonik, Sara, Fruska Gora. Serbia is also a paradise for every Balkan history and culture hunter. It boasts a huge number of well-preserved monasteries and castles in Decani, Studenica, Gracanica, Kosovo, the Valley of the Kings, Morava. Some of the most interesting historic places are Vinca, Lepenski Vir, Sirmium, etc. It is also very interesting to visit the authentic ethno villages in Serbia like Sirogojno, Mokra Gora, and Trsic as well as its largest cities - Beograd, Niš, Novi Sad, which very often host huge art and music festivals. Serbia offers various types of accommodation - hotels, motels, boarding houses, apartments, guest houses, camps.
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