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An enchanting mix of colors, scents and contrasting landscapes, Morocco is a great place to visit. It has splendid sea resorts on its Mediterranean and Atlantic coast like Agadir and Essaouira; high snowy mountains; picturesque cities combining traditional Moroccan and modern architecture like Rabat, Casablanca, Meknes, Marrakech, Fez, Tangier and Tetouan; traditional Berber villages; desert oases like Ouarzazate serving as home bases for visits of Sahara. Morocco is the place of origin of the Berbers, but it has been influenced strongly by the Romans and most of all by the Arabs, who have left an amazing heritage in the culture, architecture and way of like of Moroccans. For example, in almost every town of Morocco travelers will see a beautiful Kasbah or medina (an old square or the historic center) with a mosque of filigree beauty; most of them being UNESCO protected historic sites. The traditional Moroccan architecture may also be seen in the so called rhiads: a local form of guest houses. Of course in major towns and resorts there is a very good choice of independent hotels and representatives of major international brands.
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Towns in Morocco 
AgadirAït Ben HaddouAït HamidAl HoceïmaAsilahBoumalneCasablancaChefchaoueneEl GhazouaneEl JadidaEl Kelaa des MgounaErfoudEssaouiraFèsImlilLalla TakerkoustMarrakechMeknèsMerzougaMhamidMoulay IdrissNkobOualidiaOuarzazateOuirganeOujdaOuzoudRabatSafiSaïdiaSaléSidi KaoukiSkouraTamraght Ou FellaTangierTaroudantTétouanTinerhirZagora
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