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Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy in the world. One of the smallest countries in the whole world is located between France, Germany, and Belgium and is the cultural divider between Roman and German Europe. The intriguing mix of both cultures has resulted in creating a strong and appealing Luxembourgish individuality, which is also a direct descendant of the country’s turbulent history. Visitors may learn more about the rich historic and heritage of Luxembourg in the landmarks, museums and galleries of Luxembourg City, Clervaux, Echternach, and Diekirch. Visitors of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg may enjoy magnificent landscapes and beautiful natural parks along with the historic and cultural attractions of the country. There are excellent conditions for swimming, sailing, fishing, hiking, cycling, and golfing in the Mullerthal, the Land of Red Rocks, the Luxembourg Ardennes and the Moselle. There are mainly family-run and classic hotels in Luxembourg rated from one to five stars. The countryside offers guest houses and camping sites. Youth hostels and apartments are also available in large towns.
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