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Liechtenstein is quite an appealing holiday destination at any time of the year. The fourth smallest country in Europe tempts visitors from all over the world with its peaceful atmosphere, intact nature, rich culture and history. In the winter Liechtenstein offers very good conditions for skiing, ice skating, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding. In the spring, summer and autumn the country is perfect for trekking, hiking, cycling, horseback riding, archery, golfing, paragliding, and rock climbing. Visitors will enjoy the beautiful Liechtenstein Alps, picturesque river valleys, charming countryside and town houses. The largest tourist destination of Liechtenstein is its capital Vaduz with the famous Vaduz Castle. Its visitors will enjoy plenty of museums, galleries, cultural events and picturesque landscapes. Other interesting places to visit in Liechtenstein are Triesen, Triesenberg, Schellenberg. For their stay the country visitors may choose from city hotels, mountain and valley hotels. There are also bed & breakfast properties, youth hostels and private apartments for rent. In the countryside cabins and camping grounds are very popular.
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