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Present Cyprus is a unique mix of the influence of several cultures - Assyrian, Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and Ancient Greek. The third largest island of the Mediterranean Sea is also known to be the birthplace of Adonis and Aphrodite. Cyprus boasts several remarkable archaeological sites such as Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos. These cities are also main cultural, financial, industrial or educational centers of Cyprus. But the country is also a hub of modern entertainment and sea vacations. The regions of Larnaca, Ammochostos, Lemesos boast plenty of gorgeous beaches such as Phinikoudes, Kapparis, and Pachyammos Beach. Paphos is the home of the highest mountain range in Cyprus, which is suitable for cycling, trekking, picnics. The types of accommodation in the country are quite varied. There are classic categories such as hotels, camp sites, guest houses and apart-hotels in Cyprus. But there are also traditional houses and tourist villages. Just like every sea holiday hot spot Cyprus offers a wide range of private vacation apartments and villas for short-term rent.
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