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China is an influential country that has always casted a spell on most travellers with its ancient achievements in science and culture. All over the country visitors may see unique works of men such as the Great Wall of China, the Army of Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Xian, Tiananmen Square and The Temple of Heaven in the capital Beijing. But there are also remarkable works of nature preserved in huge natural parks, which also house several of the most important holy places in China such as Lhasa, the heart of Tibet, as well as Tai Shan - one of the five holy mountains of China. In every corner of this vast country there is something new and interesting to see and do. Of course China is not only about antiquity. Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Dalian, Hefei are hubs of distinctive local culture and cuisine, impressive urban planning, education and entertainment. Accommodation options in China are as numerous as the country is large. The lowest rates are to be found in zhusu (private rooms) and hostels. The top tourist destinations of the country offer the full range of hotels - from deluxe five- and four-star hotels to quality mid- and low-range hotels.
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Towns in China 
BaotouBeihaiBeijingBeilunquBinhaiChangchunChangshaChangshuChangzhouChengduChong'anChongqingDaliDali Ancient TownDalianDaliangDalianwanDatongDengfengDongguanDongshanEmeishanFenghuangFoshanFuzhouGuangzhouGuilinGuiyangHaikouHangzhouHarbinHefeiHepingHohhotHuangshanHuangshan MountainHuilongguanHuizhouJiaxingJinanJiuzhaigouKashiKunmingKunshanLhasaLijiangLinyiLonggangLuoyangNanchangNanjingNanningNantongNingboPingyaoPutianQingdaoQinhuangdaoQuanzhouRizhaoSanyaShanghaiShangri-LaShaoxingShenyangShenzhenShijiazhuangShishiSuzhouTaicangTaiyuanTaizhouTangshanTengchongThousand Island LakeTianjinTianzhuWeifangWeihaiWenzhouWudangshanWuhanWuhuWuxiXi'anXiamenXuzhouYangshuoYangzhouYantaiYichangYinchuanYiwuZhangjiajieZhanjiangZhengzhouZhenjiangZhongshanZhuhaiZhujiZhujiajiao
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